8 Favorite Summertime Recipes

Food & Coffee / Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Happy Thursday y’all! Can you guys believe we’re already in September? I swear, the older I get the faster time flies. This summer was probably the best summer of my life. First, and most important, I got married to the love of my life! My brother graduated high school – talk about making you feel old. My best friend flew in from Cali and, because my husband and I live downtown now, we got to enjoy some awesome 4th of July fireworks. My in-laws bought a second home in Sarasota so we’ve spent some time on that coast. (Ahh, I love a good boat day!) I took a weekend trip to Charlotte with my MIL to celebrate my cousin-in-law’s upcoming nuptials and, lastly, I started this blog! It’s been quite a whirlwind but one thing that’s been a constant is enjoying all the wonderful, summer foods.

I figure we can hang onto summertime a bit longer here in Florida due to the ridiculously hot days we’re still experiencing. Temps probably won’t start dropping until October, if we’re lucky, so while I’m over here wishing for Fall to come a little faster this year, I am hanging on to what’s left of summer. That’s why I decided to share our household’s 8 Favorite Summertime Recipes. We still have a few weeks left, here in the states, to make those last-minute peach dishes as well as some other summertime favorites!


These are not my own recipes but are beloved by my household so the link will take you the owners of these recipes. You have to give credit where credit is due!


Wife Saver Breakfast РPeach Style 

Peaches in the summertime and for breakfast, enough said. Stacie at Simply Stacie knew what she was doing here! And not to mention you can really eat this year-round since she uses canned peaches. I’m sure if you’re a master canner and have some on hand this summer those would be delightful. As for myself, I love the easiness and sweetness of the store-bought ones so that is what I typically use! Regardless, you can bring summertime to your table whenever you want thanks to canned peaches. See the full recipe below:


Summer Breakfast Tacos

Tacos for breakfast.. need I say more. These take a bit of work, you guys, but they are absolutely phenomenal, especially if you’re in search of a savory summertime breakfast. The best part is that you can swap the toppings for any picky eaters so the whole family (or friends) can enjoy. Kudos to How Sweet Eats for this genius breakfast recipe. See the full recipe below:


Grilled Brie Appetizer & Balsamic Glazed Strawberries

This is the perfect app to dip into when you aren’t dipping into the pool. Haha. Plus who doesn’t love a good strawberry dip in the summer. The Brie pairs perfectly with the strawberries and balsamic glaze. It’s nice and refreshing so, even though we are technically out of strawberry season now, pick yourself up some and make this app happen. You’ll thank me later. Mad props to Binky at Binky’s Culinary Carnival on her rendition of Delish and Show Me the Yummy’s original take on this! See the full recipe below:


Simple Summer Chicken Sandwich

Ruth at Living Well Spending Less does an amazing job with this easy chicken sandwich, that your family is sure to love! Can you say lunch by the poolside? Don’t forget to make the succulent tomato-basil aioli she puts on top – yum! Oh, and a bonus, if you aren’t familiar with her site it’s all about living well and spending less while doing it so this meal will save you a few bucks especially if you’ve stocked up on chicken when it was on sale. See the full recipe below:


The Very Best Crab Cakes Recipe

This list wouldn’t be complete without some sort of seafood dish. That’s what most Floridians live for. And I say most because my husband is one of those who does not live for seafood. Being the Florida girl I am, my dad fished quite a lot growing up and we were always eating, either, what he had caught or, if he wasn’t so lucky that day, we could always get fresh fish at the port! Anyways, my husband has come a long way in eating seafood, particularly shellfish. He’s actually quite fond of crab cakes now. I have to agree with Kellie at The Suburban Soapbox that crab cakes in restaurants are usually pure crap and loaded with tons of bread crumbs so I love being able to make this fresh version for us! See the full recipe below:


Grilled Mojo Pork Skewers

All of these recipes I found longgg before I ever thought about blogging but this one I’ve had on hand for a few years. When I first met my husband, the poor guy was eating frozen meals and mac n’ cheese most nights of the week. He had a perfectly good grill at the pool in his complex.. SO when we first met I made it a point to cook at the grill when I was over. One night I had a hankering for some mojo chicken but found myself in the checkout line with some, on-sale, pork so I figured why not?! I found Tux’s recipe on Brooklyn Homemaker and the rest is history. See the full recipe below:


Summer Potato Salad

This recipe was released by Tasty, on Facebook, at the beginning of this summer and it went viral. I knew exactly why the first time I made it! I quite literally feel like I am eating summer in a bowl every. single. time.¬† Every component of this recipe is just spot on. The sweet, crunchy corn pairs perfectly with the soft potatoes. The onion and red bell pepper are staples in potato salad and the dill just hits the spot. You HAVE to try this potato salad as soon as possible, I’m telling ya! See the full recipe below:


Grilled Peaches and Cherries with Cinnamon-Honey Syrup

Last, but certainly not least, dessert! My favorite meal of the day and one I could never leave out of this list. Nothing is easier than cooking your entire dinner, including dessert, on the grill so that there are no dishes to clean when you want to plop on the couch after! Grilled peaches have been a fad for a while but the fact that Brandie threw in those cherries was the cherry on top. Literally… haha. The cinnamon-honey syrup is what makes it and does require a pan but, really, who cares when it taste this good. Brandie at Home Cooking Memories was definitely in her right mind when she whipped these up! See the full recipe below:


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